The purpose of OTA’s Social Skills Program is to provide children with social/ pragmatic needs the opportunity to interact with peers in a safe and structured environment. Placement in a group is decided based upon: goals that need to be targeted, skill set already achieved, age, and availability. OTA currently offers large group opportunities as well as Play Pal opportunities. Below are some of our common goals and objectives:

Goals and Objectives for Older Children

  • Conversation initiation and maintenance
  • Discussion of emotions
  • Being a good sport
  • Being respectful
  • Negotiating and compromising
  • Tolerating consequences
  • Listening and attention skills
  • General rules of communication
  • Observing others
  • Role play
  • Self-monitoring one’s own behavior
  • Cooperative play skills

Goals and Objectives for Younger Children

  • Responding to peers, caregivers, and teachers
  • Sharing
  • Turn taking in play and conversation
  • Initiating play
  • Body language and eye contact
  • General ideas and discussion of feelings
  • Displaying good manners and showing respect
  • Role play
  • Cooperative play skills

Play Pal Objectives

The goals and objectives for these sessions are discussed and agreed upon with the specific clinician in order to meet each child’s needs. 

They could be a combination of any of the above objectives, or goals may emphasize higher level or lower functioning skills.

How To Join

Please call The Speech Intake Coordinator, at 781-245-4446 to express your interest and fill out a Social Skills Packet. Candidates for the program are put into a pool. When there is an appropriate match for your child, you will be contacted.